Executive Committee

2016 – 2017 Executive Team



Muneera Chowdhury

It is a great honour and pleasure to be selected as the Co-Chair for ILead:Grad this year. I am passionate about leadership and getting involved in community organizations. I believe that developing soft skills are equally important for an individual to be considered a well-rounded person in terms of career, team player and as a global citizen. ILead:Grad provides the perfect platform for honing one’s personal and professional skills. We have an excellent executive team this year who share the same vision passionately.

I am a second year Master of Engineering student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. My field of specialization is Communications. A former Valedictorian in my undergraduate program, I try to maintain a balance between work, study and leisure. At present, I am pursuing an internship at TELUS to build my potentials and get a working knowledge of the industry. When I am not working on projects, I pack my bags and go globe-trotting: my favourite hobby.



Yee Wei Foong

I am currently in my second year of a MASC degree in the University of Toronto, Materials Engineering Department. My current research focuses on enhancing solid polymer electrolytes for supercapacitors. Leadership has always fascinated me because I believe it is an essential skill that allows people to work together synergistically to initiate positive transformations in our society. I has been involved intensively in leadership learning with ILead since my undergraduate years. I am currently one of the Co-chairs in ILead:Grad, inspiring leadership skills development among graduate students to lead positive changes in the world.




Danny Massoud

Danny is an undergrad alumni as well as a 1st year M.Eng student studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is specializing in Operations Management and Improvement in the Manufacturing industry. He was involved with ILead’s undergraduate division and believes in leadership being the key to realizing an engineer’s full potential. In his spare time he enjoys running, playing table tennis, and listening to classical music. Danny aims to contribute effectively in growing this organization to it’s full potential, as well as in bringing growth opportunities for others in the graduate community through his participation in ILead:Grad’s executive team this year.




Victor Pawa

Engineering graduate student & business development director with an eye for innovation and perfection. I’ve worked in a wide range of industries (Stackpole International, ABB Group, Patriot Forge & Best Buy to name a few) and although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of project management, failure analysis and materials engineering. Currently, I am working on a start-up, which aims to eliminate cultural barriers for international students while providing grad students with a sustainable source of income. My wish is to create an active community of graduate students and increase student involvement. I also love sports and coffee.



Edvard Bruun

I am a Civil Engineering MASc student, working specifically on topics related to structural engineering mechanics. My current research is focused on the testing of large-scale reinforced concrete shell elements loaded in torsion, and deriving a general finite element for use in the analysis of structures loaded in complex manners. I decided to get involved with ILead:Grad to develop my own leadership qualities and help bring a professionally oriented series of events to the graduate student engineering cohort.




Minghua Zhao

Minghua completed her undergraduate from the Electrical Engineering department, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering Degree in Electronics. She believes leadership is an art form that is incredibly valuable not only in the workplace, but also as a form of personal conduct through out everyday life.
At iLead:Grad, Minghua manages all content of this website, builds e-mails for our events, and posts our events on our social media venues.




Jeanne N’Diaye

I am currently a PhD student in the department of Material Sciences and Engineering. I received my BSc and MSc in chemistry from the université du Québec à Montréal. My interest in engineering lies across a wide variety of topics including chemical and material processing, sustainable energy, and and fundamental understanding of materials. I like reading novels, and watching movies. I look forward to learning a lot as part of the ILead team while discovering and developing my own leadership skills.



Hao Xing

I am a first year M.A.Sc student in the Experimental Fluid Dynamics group at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. I am extremely excited and honored to be on ILead:Grad’s executive team this year and look forward to learning and sharing leadership and management skills through various ILead events.