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18.11.13 – Self Awareness & Development Through Improvisation

The minutes for this event will be posted soon! In the meantime, the pictures for the event can be found here, and a video of the event can be found here.

14.11.13 – Executive Meeting

The following were discussed in the first executive meeting of the year

• Connections: ILead:Grad would like to keep a record of graduates from ILead:Grad and keep in contact. Furthermore, if members know any Alumni in leadership roles that would be interested in running any workshops, we would love to have them. If we people have contacts in other groups that ILead:Grad could benefit from, please let us know.

• Workshops: We went through the planned workshops for the 2013/2014 year. If people have ideas for relevant workshops, we encourage you to share them.

• Executive Team Roles: Discussed each executive member’s roles, and expectations. A copy of these roles can be found on the ILead:Grad website under Constitution. However, please note the roles are not completely up to date on the website

• Funding: Please keep all original receipts of any expenses for ILead:Grad events, and submit them to the ILead:grad treasurer. Note that the reimbursement can take up to 30 days

• Blog: There is a blog on the ILead:Grad website. If you find any interesting and relevant articles, videos etc. they can be shared on the website.

• Social Media: ILead:Grad has a twitter, and LinkedIn group.

• Logo Design: If anybody has an idea for our Logo please share. Also if people know any talented artists that would be interested in designing a logo for us that would be awesome.

• Team Bio: If everyone has not already sent in a brief bio of themselves with a picture please do so as soon as possible.

• Social Event: This year’s social will be held on the weekend of Dec. 13. The date and activity will be decided through a poll.

7.11.13 – Self-Awareness Workshop

On Nov. 7, 2013 ILead held their first workshop of the 2013/2014 term on Self Awareness. Estelle Oliva-Fisher from the Institute for Leadership volunteered her time to run a great workshop.We began by discussing the importance of knowing our personal values. To understand our personal values betters each person answered the following questions about themselves that we encourage you to try

• When you’re having your best conversation what are they about?
• What have you always been told you are good at?
• Describe you at your best (skill, qualities, abilities)?
• How do you want to be remembered by your organization (ILead: Grad or other)?
• Where do you think you are the most needed?
• Who in your life can help support you to grow into your highest potential self?
• How does your personal vision link to ILead: Graduate’s vision?

Using our answers we then created each created personal vision statements. We highlighted words in the answers that resonated with us and noted common themes. A great template to create your own personal statement is

“I will use my talent for and my passion for to create a
life that reflects my values of , and I will contribute .”

These are always helpful to have to know what you would like out of life, one can always refer to theirs whenever they are feeling lost. Also of course a person’s personal vision statement can change in the future. In the second part of the meeting we carried out the ‘True Color’ exercise, which is designed to help one find out about their personality type. The four main personality type categories were

• Courageous
• Conventional
• Conceptual
• Compassionate

Once we were able to identify our personality type we discussed qualities of these different personality types, also how these personality types interact and are perceived by others. Of course since humans are complex beings everyone does not exactly fit one of the above four personality types. People are a mixture, but most people were able to strongly identify with one of those four.We hope this workshop helped everyone become more Self-Aware, and hope to see you at future ILead: Grad Events. Also on behalf of everyone ILead: Grad would like to thank Estelle!