1 Who we are

ILead Graduate is a group of motivated engineering graduate students passionate about personal growth and leadership. We encourage engineering students to develop their leadership skills by providing workshops and speakers focused on leadership qualities. This is an independent organization completely student run that works under the umbrella of the ILead office.

2 Purpose

2.1 Values

1. Personal Development
2. Effectiveness/Achievement
3. Influencing Others
4. Service

2.2 Mission

We empower graduate students to be effective leaders of self, of organizations, and of communities.

3 Executive Membership

3.1 Composition of the Executive Committee

A. Co-Chair(s)
B. Treasurer(s)
C. Administrative Director(s)
D. Social Director(s)
E. Events Coordinator(s)
F. Web Director(s)
G. Co-Chair Elect

3.2 Responsibilities of General Executive Committee Members

All Executive Committee members (sometimes referred to as General Executive Members or General Execs) and the Executive Directors have the basic duties and responsibilities listed below:

  • To attend committee meetings regularly.
  • To be willing to help others on the committee as needed.
  • To organize and lead at least one event or project – either his/her own initiative or one from the program list (e.g. leading a seminar).
  • When leading a seminar or project, to be responsible for recruiting other members inside or outside of the committee for help. Tasks may vary but, as an example, organizing a seminar would entail:
    • Contacting a speaker.
    • Ensuring the room is booked.
    • Drafting publicity emails.
    • Ensuring food is present at event.
    • Getting a gift (if deemed necessary).
    • Taking attendance (necessary for tracking impact and funding reimbursement).
    • Writing a one-page post-seminar summary.
    • Working with the Social Director on an advertising campaign (e.g. putting up posters).
    • Working with the Treasurer on event budget and reimbursement.
  • When leading a seminar or project, to be responsible for forming his/her own team and working with the Co-Chairs for guidance and direction.
3.2 A. (Co-)Chair(s)
  • To facilitate regular weekly meetings with working group.
  • To ensure vision, values and group guidelines are being upheld at every meeting<./li>
  • To provide guidance and be a resource for all working group members.
  • To collaborate with the ILead Office in order to improve the learning experience of the working group.
  • To ensure all roles and responsibilities of other Executive Members are met.
  • To seek funding and set up a budget with the Treasurer.
  • To compile the Annual Report with contributions from the working group.
  • To update the ILead:Grad constitution to reflect changes in the working group.
  • To serve as signing officers for ILead Graduate.
3.2 B. Treasurer
  • To manage financial accounts (budget, reimbursements and receipts) with home base at the Faculty’s ILead office.
  • To prepare financial statements and summary for the Annual Report.
  • To provide monthly financial updates at meetings to ensure that the budget remains balanced.
  • To work with the Co-Chair(s) to acquire funding from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and its various departments.
  • To apply for funding from student representative organizations (e.g. University of Toronto Students’ Union, Engineering Society, University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union).
  • To serve as a signing officer for ILead:Grad.
3.2 C. Administrative Director
  • To record and distribute meeting minutes.
  • To ensure that everyone who missed a meeting is kept up-to-date.
  • Determine and implement CCR requirements.
  • Schedule executive team meetings.
  • To provide a means for sharing and storing documents and records of ILead activities through website, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.
3.2 D. Social Director
  • To work with Web director for elements of the ILead website including: calendar, photo and video gallery, events page, and executive profile page.
  • Prepare and send emails promoting events.
  • Update and run Facebook group.
  • Update and run Twitter group.
  • Prepare Eventbright page for each event.
  • Design, print, and place posters for each event.
3.2 E. Web Director
  • To manage and update the technical aspects of the ILead website.
  • To work with the Communications Director to ensure that the website is professional and up-to-date.
  • Taking pictures at each event and uploading to google drive.
  • Update each event on website.
  • Upload pictures of events onto website.
  • Find and replace LOT:G links to ilead grad links.
3.2 F. Event Coordinator
  • Booking room for each event.
  • Room set up for events.
  • Ordering food for each event.
  • Prepare gift for guest speakers.
  • Transportation for speakers.
3.2 G. Co-Chair Elect
  • Assist Co-chairs.
  • Assist specific members in accomplishing mission.
  • Manage ecf email account.

4 Appointed Positions

The Co-Chair(s) will appoint members to the following positions. Appointments may be made at any time during the year as necessary.

4.1 Department Liaisons

There will be seven Liaisons – one for each of the Faculty’s seven departments/institutes:

  • Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • Department of Civil Engineering (CIV)
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE)
  • Department of Materials Science Engineering (MSE)
  • Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)
  • University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)

4.2 Responsibilities

To act as the point of contact and communication channel between ILead and appointed department/institute Chairs, graduate coordinators, and graduate student association.

  • To meet at least once a year with respective department/institute Chairs to provide progress reports.
  • To seek other connections and information from other groups within their department encourage participation from their student body by informing them of our committee, vision and mission through:
    • Presentation of material prepared by the Co-Chair(s) at social and networking.
    • Advertising events and activities by email and posters to the student body.
    • Promotion of the website events (e.g. Orientation Week, Fall BBQ, Winter Mixer) given to them by project leaders (i.e. liaisons are responsible for placing posters or otherwise delegating their poster-placing responsibilities).

5 Finances

  • ILead will operate as a non-profit entity.
  • The ILead account shall be administered by the Treasurer through the Faculty’s ILead office.
  • The Co-Chair(s) and Treasurer will collaborate to raise funds for the committee from various departments, institutions and student representative groups at the University of Toronto.
  • The fiscal year begins on May 1 of each year.

6 Meetings

  • Meetings are held on a roughly biweekly basis, year round. They are organized by the Co-Chair(s) and Administrative Director(s).
  • Agendas will be determined and distributed in advance, and updated afterwards with minutes of what was discussed.
  • Finances may be reviewed as required or requested by any member at any of the general meetings.

7 Appointments

Appointments to executive positions will be done by co-chairs before the beginning of the Fall semester. New positions during the school year will be determined through vote. The appointment lasts for one calendar year ending in August of the coming year for which the appointed executive member takes on the necessary responsibilities of their position. For each of the executive positions (as described in Section 4), the successful candidate(s) will be the one(s) who receives the most votes.

If a position becomes vacant before the end of a term of office, members will be given the opportunity to nominate themselves or other members and a by-election will be held at an upcoming meeting as determined by the Co-Chair(s). The successful candidate will be the one who receives the most votes. If a member of the executive committee is negligent in his/her duties, the Co-Chair(s) will communicate a formal warning outlining areas of negligence and suggested steps for improved performance.

After a period of one month, the executive member’s performance will be reviewed by the Co-Chair(s) and if there is no satisfactory improvement, the executive member will have the opportunity to present their defence to the general membership at an upcoming meeting. At this meeting, the general members will vote to determine whether or not the executive member in question will be relieved of his/her responsibilities. If two-thirds or more the members present vote in favour of dismissal, the role will become vacant and filled as described above.

8 Amendments

Any member may propose changes to the constitution at any time. The committee shall be briefed about proposed changes and a vote held at the next meeting. Changes shall be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members in attendance.