Hello Engineer graduates!

Happy new year! ILead:Grad wish you all had a good winter break and enjoy your school work so far!

We are excited to announce this year’s first event: Self Care Workshop!

This event is aimed to help engineering graduate student to find out some good ways to build their body and mental strength. A Self Care Workshop built just for you! We’ve gathered together a variety of resources that will help your mind and body power through the winter semester!

On January 23, Tuesday, 3-5pm, GB202, ILead:Grad is hosting the Self Care Workshop for our wonderful engineering graduate members. Come to join us and know some useful tips on dealing with yourself, start forming a good habit for life and meet your peers!This event will be hosted by U of T health & wellness and is open to all graduate students!

Registration is required and will be verified at the registration desk.
REGISTER BELOW! Slots tend to fill up quick.

Yes! There will be FREE FOOD!!!


Can’t make it to the event or want to learn more about the program? Contact ILead:Grad or attend an event and talk to one of our executive members.