comm workshop

Ever wondered what it takes to network?
Not sure how to turn team conflict into constructive power?
Looking to negotiate a job offer or interview?
Powerpoint slides bogging you down?

Hit the ground running after reading week! The Leaders of Tomorrow graduate working group has assembled a team of experts to bring you a series of practical, interactive workshops on effective professional communication. Register at to attend some or all of these useful sessions and improve your skills. The first workshop is this coming Monday, so secure your spot now!

Oral Presentation 101

The journey to great presentations requires commitment, planning, training, observation, practice, testing, feedback, reflection, mentoring and more practice. Practice makes perfect, and this workshop is designed to set you on the road to perfect. So seize this opportunity to stride another bold step towards being a professional public speaker, and learn how to: formulate purpose, face up to “so what?”, shape your physical form (voice, body, and environment), structure your content (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and the “big idea”)

Leader: Doug Reeve: Director, Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering
Date: Tuesday April 2nd 2013
Time: 5 – 7PM
Location: GB202

Prezi 101

Forget slides — Prezi is a new platform for designing visuals. Prezi transforms the act of presenting into the art of story telling. Join us to learn how to make your next presentation stand out.

No prior knowledge necessary. Prezi is free and available online

Leader: Samantha Chiu, Prezi Campus Ambassador, UofT
Date: Wednesday March 20th 2013
Time: 6 – 9PM
Location: SF1012

Negotiation 101

Persuasion is at the heart of every negotiation, and mastering the art of negotiation enables us to achieve goals as we envision them. This workshop will equip you with persuasion strategies and provide opportunities to practice your negotiation skills in a variety of scenarios.

Leader: Dr. Peter Weiss: Director, Engineering Communication Program (ECP)
Date: Wednesday March 13th 2013
Time: 6 – 8PM
Location: GB202

Conflicts 101

Managing conflicts among group members is all about turning tension into constructive power.

Leader: Kristina Minnella Leadership Education Specialist
Date: Wednesday March 6th 2013
Time: 6 – 8PM
Location: GB202

Networking 101

Building relationships is paramount to success. Join us to learn and practice the secrets of having successful face-to-face interactions and developing productive professional relationships.

Leader: Doug Reeve: Director, Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering
Date: Monday February 25th 2013
Time: 5 – 6:30PM
Location: GB202

Register now here to reserve your spot at these exciting workshops! Please note that the deposit is fully refundable upon attendance of any of our sessions.

Light refreshments will be served!