Communication and confidence building Exercises (1 of 2 development workshops) (~60 min)

The Agenda for this week’s meeting: November 15, 2012
1. Project Pitch: Krishna Kishor (10 min)
2. Pitch Q&A (10 min )
3. Project Update: Career Fair (Jegadhisha), Website (Jon), Social Media (Jon/Werner), Hart House Mixer (Adam/Johnathon/Rob), Help the Homeless (Bithun), (25min)
4. LoT Newsletter (10min)

Newsletter is to spotlight and show appreciation to the work the students are doing.
Is there anything that stands out to you that you would like to include for LOT:G? If so, please send me a note by November 21.
If there is a student in your group that would like to write a short 5-10 sentence blurb about something they worked or photos from any programs.