by: Johnathon Caguiat

The article discusses how people today are likely to defend a point for the basis of consistency (rationalizing whatever is presented before them) irregardless as to whether or not it is true to their beliefs or understanding.

Ivan Krastev This video gives a brief, but very effective account, of recent political revolutions and how they have gone right and have gone wrong for the past 50 or so years. With such a basis, he poses the question: Is transparency in government as effective a means as conceived in order to improve relations with the government and public.

After having discussed these two sources, we had determined that Ivan makes a good point in noting how transparency can be abused. As such, we felt it was a matter discussion of alignment: that one’s intent, methodology and actions give a result that is consistent and coherent. This is important in leadership because you need to be able to fail (be inconsistent) so that you can learn to not fail in that way again -to iterate and learn