LoT:G – LTS Engineering Kit Design Competition: Sample Kit Design outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Target age
    2. Science topics and example of application
    3. Safety consideration
    4. Overview of workshop
    5. Overall objectives

  2. How to run the workshop
    1. Physical Requirements
    2. Materials and Set-up
    3. Possibility of multiple activities
      1. Specify number of students and materials needed for each activity
      2. Cost of materials and approximate time of workshop (suggested and cumulative timing)

  3. Introduction to Topic
    1. Objectives of Introduction
    2. Suggested Discussion, Q & A

  4. Activities
    1. Objective of Activity
    2. Suggested Instructions, Q & A
    3. What are the students to do?
    4. How are the students to do it?
    5. How will they know they are successful?

  5. Wrap-up
    1. Go over what students learned during the activity
    2. How to pack up and clean

  6. Glossary
  7. Background Information
  8. Suggested Resources
    1. Website
    2. Books

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