Facilitators: Leaders of Tomorrow-Graduate and Let’s Talk Science (University of Toronto, St. George)
Activity: Engineering Kit Design Competition
Content: Details of proposal structure

Your proposal must be a description of the learning exercise and of the kit that will compliment that exercise. Remember, the idea is to promote engineering, so ideally the kit must be used to demonstrate an application of science, rather than just a scientific principle. For example, the concept of evaporation can be demonstrated to the class while a demonstration can be done that shows how steam can be used to turn a simple fan blade as done in turbines that do work, thus addressing the engineering. In no more than 5 pages, your proposal must communicate the following information:

  1. The age group the exercise will target (middle to high school students only)
  2. Background knowledge the students are assumed to have, and how it will be assessed
  3. The engineering concept being presented: The underlying scientific theory or principles and an engineering example that applies that theory
  4. Description of the kit contents and associated costs (capital and maintenance or replacement)
  5. Explanation of how the kit will be used:
    • What hands-on activities will be done that will facilitate student involvement?
    • What in-class demonstrations will be done?
  6. How key concepts will be tested or reviewed?

The kit is subject to the following constraints, so keep these in mind as you draft your proposal:

  1. The capital cost for designing the kit should not exceed $500. The more cost effective your design, the better!
  2. The design should allow for the kit to be reused: mechanical parts meant for one-time usage, or reagents that must be depleted per session must all be replaceable.

Click here to see important info that will help you draw up your proposal, and see here for an example outline of a kite design. Your design does not necessarily have to be in that format.

How to submit proposal:
Please email a PDF copy of your proposal to lotg[DOT]uoft[AT]gmail[DOT]com, using the subject line: “LoT:G-LTS engineering kit proposal”.

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